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A humble, peace loving and inspiring member of the society of Pilar was born on 21st January 1869 in the village of Anjuna, Goa. It was the feast of St. Agnes and for this reason the child was named Agnel meaning, a little lamb. He was the sixth child to his parent’s whom God blessed with 9 children; 8 boys and a girl. Agnel’s father was Miguel Arcanjo Mariano de Souza and mother Maria Sinforosa Perpetua Magalhaes. Both his parents died when Agnel was a young boy, his father expired when Agnel was 11 and his mother when he was 13 years old. Agnel was a brilliant student, he began his studies in the Govt. Primary School – Anjuna. He always came out with flying colours, topping his class. Later he completed 2 years of Latin language. Agnel started his philosophy and secured the highest marks in every examination. He began his theological studies in the Seminary of Rachol. He was a person of studious habits, he secured the much coveted and singular distinction of “accessit” in his final year of theology. For 3 years Agnel taught Latin and Portuguese. Meanwhile his desire to be a missionary increased and he joined the Society of Pilar on 17th July 1897. He made his first profession as a member of the Society of Pilar, on the 22nd May 1898. He was ordained Priest on 24th September 1899. Fr. Agnel was a Pastor, Preacher, Confessor and Spiritual Guide. His legacy–living a holy exemplary life. Fr. Agnel was deeply sensitive to the spiritual and material needs of his brethren. He was a Saintly Preacher, he lived what he preached. His very appearance was a living sermon. He was God-filled, a God-lived, a God-loved, a God shared and a God -served life. He lived the values of Jesus the Master. Just like a candle, he burnt himself to give light to others. He fell through the pulpit while preaching on the Vespers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the next morning he died on 20th November 1927. All God seekers find in him a man gripped by God, touched by God, elevated by God. He is a model for his brethren and their intercessor before God in their needs, sufferings, sickness, failures, troubles and difficulties.

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