Education is lifelong. To quote Swami Vivekananda, “We must have life-building, man-making, character-moulding assimilation of ideas. We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, intellect is expanded and by which man can stand on his own feet.” Could there be greater gratifying experience  and soaring hopes for parents than seeing their children grow from the comforts of the home to studious, healthy, caring and responsible individuals in our institution! My arrival to Fr. Agnel H.S.S., Pilar became very cordial and delightful for the warm reception given by the staff and students. Long years of perseverance under my predecessor Fr. Carlos Fernandes’ proficient tutelage has made the staff work terrifically as a team. I am grateful to Fr. Carlos for inheriting from him a legacy which is a joyous amalgam of academic excellence, sporting spirits and has a  humongous record of achievements to its credit.

The Hr. Sec. also owes much of its limelight to the unsurpassable talents and will power of our students. It will be a befitting compliment to bestow on our students to say that “they are the true blue assets we have on the road to brighter futures”. My proclivity for cleanliness, passion for discipline and dogged efforts at heightening the academic and infrastructural tenor of the school is seeing the light of the day due to the tremendous concern and cooperation of staff, students and Parents .A profusion of praise goes to the P.T.A, parents very particularly who have been ever ready to propel themselves into collaboration towards the school’s activities and projects. This trilogical coherence between the parents, staff and students; and me representing Xaverian Educational Society (Pilar Fathers) will definitely take us bang on our targeted motto “Always Higher.”

I thank God for placing me as the Principal, for co-partnering with you in this amazing task of shaping the minds and hearts entrusted to our care. May we eternally stay worthy of this noble calling despite the challenges of modern times. November has always been a pleasant and salubrious month in our country. It is also the harbinger of sacredness and sanctity; with feasts and celebrations all around; including me touching the golden mark – 50  .Which has enhanced, enlarged and enriched my vision for the school. 

All of us may be busy as a bee with pressing commitments, but let us go that extra mile in our services towards education under the patronage of Fr. Agnelo. 


Always Higher

Our Campus
A Campus Without Precendent

Fully functional laboratories for Science. Fully functional practical workshop for AET, and WiFi enabled campus and Computer Labs.

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NSS Activity
04th March 2021
NSS Activity
Salt March
12th March 2021
Salt March
Field Trip
12th March 2021
Field Trip
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